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5 Doula Myths

I came across this article today entitled 5 Doula Myths Debunked.  (This blog, Peaceful Parenting, is one of my favorites!)  The author is of course a doula, and she’s raised points that I’ve already encountered as a new doula on the scene.

When my husband and I were considering using a doula for our first birth, he was of course very concerned that she would get in the way and take away from his role as the father and main support system.  What a valid concern, and something I’d be willing to bet concerns most fathers!  The author mentions “honoring and protecting a couple’s birth space,” and I love this imagery.  I feel the couple’s birth space is sacred; it is the place where two become three.

For me, my birth space was a dark cave.  Oddly, I don’t remember much about the latter portion of my labors with #2 and #3, because I had prepared for birth by retreating to my cave and not allowing anyone else in.  After I had given birth (both times), I finally opened my eyes and introduced myself to the nurse I’d never met before!  I don’t even recall seeing her before the birth.

Check out the article I’ve linked to and let me know what you think!

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