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A New Addition

I’m pregnant!  Yay!  My past clients know that I looooove babies and though I have three on earth, I have always had it pressed on my heart that we’d have a big family.  “Big” is of course defined differently by everyone, and for us I think we mean four- or maybe even more!  We have always been open to God’s will in our lives, and the two early miscarriages I’ve had since my youngest has been born have made me wonder what God really wants from us… Maybe He didn’t want us to have a big family…

After a miscarriage in late March, I got pregnant again in early April, and this baby seems to be sticking!  We saw a strong little heartbeat at 8 weeks and a few days, and tomorrow (Saturday) I’ll be 10 weeks.  I am due December 28, one day after my oldest daughter’s 7th birthday.

So what does this mean for Blissful Beginnings Doula Care, and my job as a servant to mothers?  Well, it’s going to have to be somewhat of a “wait and see” approach, but since my pregnancies in the past have been relatively easy and I have always been healthy and in good shape, I plan to continue being a doula until early December.  I would love the opportunity to work until my due date (I tend to go late!), but I don’t want to cut it too close either!   After Baby is born, I will most likely take 6 months off from work.  I am not very good at pumping and storing milk, plus as much as I LOVE being a doula, I think I’ll want to stay home with my new little one and get to know him/her.

I want to be the very best doula I can possibly be, so this means if during my pregnancy I am unable to be awesome for my clients then I will suggest that they switch care to another doula, and I will help them find someone else that they love.  Like I said, I don’t anticipate this happening given my history, but I also want to be realistic about what could happen!

Thank you all for the well-wishes on my Facebook page, and please know I sincerely appreciate it.  You all have been such a HUGE part of my life (every one of you!) and I am so happy to be able to share my pregnancy with y’all after playing a role in your pregnancies.  This will be my first pregnancy/delivery since becoming a doula… I know so much more now, and have experienced so much through the deliveries I’ve attended.  I am excited to see how this knowledge and experience plays a part in my pregnancy!


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