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A New Direction: What Do You Want To See?

I apologize, I’ve been neglectful of my blog! I think this happens at some point for all bloggers, but sadly my time has come sooner than I thought it would! We’ve had a busy family life lately, and the first thing to suffer was my blog. I am continuing the steps to complete my DONA certification; I still have a book and a half left to read and a list of resources to finish compiling. My goal was to have this all completed by the end of 2011, and I think I’ll have it done!

As I reflect on what I intended for this blog to be, I realize I am still am not sure what my readers and clients would like to see. There are so many wonderful websites and blogs out there with the main purpose of educating their readers on a specific subject. I can’t even pretend to compete with them, and I have no desire to, as for many people these blogs are their full-time jobs! My full-time job is to be mommy, home educator, and home keeper-upper for my family. I love my doula work on the side!I could post my personal stories, opinions, and experiences, but I’m not sure if my readers would like to read this. I like to back up my information with sources to show that I’m just not some fanatic about a particular subject, and to give reason to my opinions and beliefs, but sometimes this takes a little extra work from me. I’ve been reading birth and parenting books, websites, and blogs for years, not to mention the countless discussions with friends, doctors, midwives, and mentors! I have a hard time remembering where some of my information comes from, I just know that I don’t take any decision I make lightly!

It’s much quicker and easier for me to update my facebook page with a link or article about something relevant to pregnant or new moms, so if you haven’t already please “like” my facebook page for daily updates!

Breastfeeding?  Prenatal care?  Baby development?  Post-partum mama care?  The importance of a doula?  Pregnancy in Houston?  I’m encouraging everyone who reads this post to leave me a comment and let me know what you’d like to see on this blog; after all, its original purpose was a means to educate my clients! But, if I have readers who are looking for different material, please let me know what that is in my comment section, or shoot me an email! I aim to please!


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