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A Wild Weekend!

I can’t even begin to explain the rush of emotions I’ve had over the past two weeks!  This past weekend involved loads of worry, excitement, anticipation, intensity, happiness, concern, disappointment, and joy!

Two clients, due 10 days apart, had both gone post due date.  I knew someone would go into labor at a moment’s notice, and have had my phone glued to my hip for… oh, about a month now!  Each mom had been giving me updates via email, calls, and texts, and I was truly concerned that they’d both begin their labors at the same time, so I had my backup doula on-call and ready to go!

Saturday night I got a call from J., so I went over to her house.  After a few hours we all agreed this wasn’t the night for her baby to come so I came home and we all had a good night of sleep.  Sunday evening I got a call from my other client, N., and her water had broken!  I made sure my backup doula was aware of my plans and met N. at the hospital.  She was incredible (I will post both birth stories soon!) and had her baby boy at 5:08 am!  I got home about 6:30 am and went straight to bed; my husband worked from home so that I could sleep!  I slept for a few hours, got up for lunch and went back to bed for another two hours.  Good thing I did because J. called me at 3:30 pm saying her water had broken!  By the time I got to her house her labor was well underway, we left for the birth center pretty soon and she had her baby girl at 7:23 pm!  For me, this meant two babies born on October 3!  I got home about 9:30 pm- trying to figure out what day it was!- and went straight to bed!

It was an emotion-filled day but I am so incredibly blessed to have been able to attend both births, equally amazing in completely different but similar ways.  One mama’s third birth, at a hospital, trying for her first med-free birth… Another mama’s second med-free birth at a birth center.  Both moms had a med-free birth, both moms made labor and delivery look easy peasy, and neither mom knew what the gender of her baby would be!

I love my job!

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