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Apps for Pregnancy

My dad texted me the other day, letting me know he’d heard about an app called “Your BFF During Pregnancy.”  (Truth be told, I’m not sure if he was telling me because he was thinking I’d be needing that app soon or because he wanted me to let my blog readers know!)  During my client’s birth last week, they were using an app called “Contraction Timer,” which I thought was pretty cool.  I will admit that I’m very new to the smart phone scene, trading up only a few weeks ago!  I feel silly that pregnancy apps hadn’t even crossed my mind yet!

Your BFF During Pregnancy App

I found this Top 10 Free Pregnancy Apps article, which I liked because all the apps highlighted here are free!  BabyCenter.com was one of my favorite websites while I was pregnant, the app looks equally as informative.

This article highlights more apps, not necessarily free but they still look great.  A baby names app, weekly updates, and even a shopping app.  Sounds perfect!

I feel like I should add a note of common sense, that apps shouldn’t always be trusted!  I’ve read that a certain app gave wrong advice about birth so if it might be worth it to make sure your app was authored by a trusted source.  Or, if you’re looking for medical advice, talk to your health care provider.

I’d love to hear from my readers if anyone has a suggestion about apps they used during pregnancy or labor.  What was useful?  What wasn’t?  Have you found anything controversial or flat-out incorrect?  Let me know in my comments!

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