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Circumcision: Educate Yourself

For many parents, the decision to circumcise or not to circumcise their newborn son isn’t something that seems like a big deal.  Many American parents think that circumcision is “the norm” or “the healthy thing to do” and don’t question the practice at all.

The international symbol for genital integrity.

It should be questioned.

I think I could write a million blog posts about why I am wholeheartedly and entirely opposed to infant circumcision, and throughout my years of writing on this blog I’m sure I’ll touch on the subject more than a few times!  But for educational purposes, I beg of parents-to-be to know the facts before making this permanent decision for their newborn child:

  1. Circumcision in the US has dropped to 32% in 2009

  2. Circumcision hurts baby boys

  3. Risks do not outweigh benefits

  4. The American Academy of Pediatrics does not recommend circumcision

  5. The foreskin is a normal, healthy, functioning tissue.  It serves multiple purposes.

  6. Christians aren’t required to circumcise (And Jews have something to say about it too!)

(I feel comfortable linking to the Peaceful Parenting blog because, although biased, they cite everything they reference, and have very thorough posts on circumcision.)

Baby boys are born perfectly-made, no disassembly required.

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