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Consignment Sales Around The Woodlands

As a new mom, one of my favorite things to do was to shop at local consignment sales to buy clothing items and gear for my daughter.  As our family has grown, it’s become sort of a hobby of mine to hit up local consignment sales, and this year will be no exception!  I can always find steals on books, toys, and learning resources, but now that my daughter is old enough to be a bit picky about her clothing I will only be buying clothing for my boys!

My best advice is if you’re shopping for a specific item, go on the first day if possible to get the best selection.  But, if you’re going just to browse, then go on the half-price day.  Most sales offer items at half-price (not all items- be sure to check the tags) either on the last day or for a few hours on the last day of the sale.  You can find excellent bargains this way!

At all of these sales I’ve seen Mommy-to-be items as well, including maternity clothing, books, nursing equipment and accessories, and pretty much anything else you can think of.  The Just Between Friends sale also offers a “Mommy Mart” which has items for your home.

Here are a few upcoming children’s consignment sales in The Woodlands, two of them are this upcoming weekend!  If you’re around Houston, there are definitely other sales near you- a quick Google search will tell you when and where to find them!

Stonebridge Church- Second Blessings.  March 2nd and 3rd

Just Between Friends in The Woodlands (Pruitt Rd.)- March 2nd and 3rd

Duck Duck Goose in Spring (Rayford/Sawdust). March 28th-31st

Faith Bible Church in The Woodlands- Baby Bazaar.  May 4th-5th


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