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Donate Cord Blood In Houston

Donating the blood from your baby’s umbilical cord allows researchers to collect stem cells left in the umbilical cord and placenta, which is, in some cases, an alternative to bone marrow.  While it’s best to leave your baby’s cord alone immediately after birth, delaying cutting until after it’s stopped pulsing, it’s the practice of many doctors to cut it sooner, This leaves blood- and therefore stem cells- behind!  If you’re choosing not to bank your baby’s cord blood, keep it out of the trash and give it to a cord blood bank!Be the Match is a wonderful website, as is Save the Cord Foundation with lots of information about any potential question you could have about donating cord blood.

Several hospitals in Houston participate in a cord blood donation program, sending the cord blood to the M.D. Anderson Cord Blood Bank: The Women’s Hospital of Texas, Ben Taub General Hospital, Memorial Hermann Southwest, and St. Joseph Medical Center.  If you’re delivering at one of these hospitals and want to talk to someone about donating your baby’s cord blood, call M.D. Anderson at 713.563.8000, or click here to download their cord blood brochure.

Texas Children’s Hospital and St. Luke’s hospital are affiliated with the Texas Cord Blood Bank, and they can be contacted at 210.731.5555 x 1865 to arrange a donation.

I know what you’re thinking, like you need one more thing to think about at the end of your pregnancy, right?!  Luckily, this is one thing that can be taken care of earlier in your pregnancy so you won’t have to be worrying about it as you near your due date, and seek comfort in knowing that your baby’s blood could potentially save lives!

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