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Excercising After Childbirth

After having a precious new baby, many new moms turn their thoughts to getting their body back into shape.  Exercising after childbirth is tricky; a lot has happened to your body in a (relatively) fast time frame!

Beyond just carrying the weight of your baby, the hormone relaxin has physically loosened your body to prepare you for childbirth.  Muscles and skin have been stretched, your body has given its all for your child.  Before thinking, “Now I can get rid of all this extra baby weight!” it might be wise to acknowledge that, just like your life, your body might not ever be the same!

I’ve learned to embrace my post-partum body.  I have curves in new places, I’ve lost hair on my head, earned markings and scars on my body, and my heart is at least a 100 times larger than it was before birth!

But staying physically fit is important for every mom.  Exercise will not only tone your body, but it might just be the best “medicine” for warding off baby blues!

Transverse Abdominal Muscles

This is one of my favorite sites that explains the abdominal muscles for post-partum moms, and although she’s selling books her website is wonderful!  (I’m not endorsing her materials, I’ve not read them!)

Youtube also has several great videos showing good exercises for strengthening the transverse abdominal muscles.

Exercise after baby is different, but in many ways it’s better than before.  For me, my health is now more than just staying trim, it’s about knowing that I’m doing my best to take care of myself for my kids.  I need the energy to be able to keep up with them, but more so they need me to be healthy and active.

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