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Happy (Belated) Father’s Day

I already have a hero, his name is Dad!

For all Fathers and Expectant Fathers, happy (belated) day to you!

One of the many books I’m reading right now is called Boys Should Be Boys, by Dr. Meg Meeker.  I’m only to chapter 7, but I highly recommend it to mothers and fathers of little boys!  (She also has a book called Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters, which to my understanding is a similar book about girls.  My husband always recommends this book to fathers of girls! )

The author emphasizes the important connection that fathers have with sons; many fathers have no clue just how important every word, every action, every example is to their son.  She talks about how mom can nag a son all day long, but as soon as dad steps in and issues a command, little boys stand in awe.

Is this true for your family?  It is in mine.  My husband has an amazing presence with our children, I feel so blessed to call him the father of our children.  When my husband tells my son how proud he is of him, my boy beams, even moreso than when I say I’m proud!  On the flip side, when he shows disappointment, our little boy can truly be crushed- a reminder of just how important it is that fathers choose their words carefully when dealing with their sons.

I firmly believe that our world needs strong men more than anything.  Charismatic Leaders.  Humble Warriors.  Faithful Lovers.  Passionate Fathers.

And for all men who wish they were fathers, you are in my prayers.

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