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Must-Have Items for Newborn

I was just at a kid’s resale shop and I overheard a Grandpa asking the store owner for some advice.  He wanted to buy his new grandson a gift- no clothes- and since the baby already had an older sister Grandpa wanted to buy something completely different.  The owner of the store seemed a bit unsure; they had lots of items for baby girls but nothing for boys!  Everything the owner suggested the man said they already had, so he decided to leave and bring his wife back later.  Grandmas are good at shopping, right?

After he left I started thinking about baby gifts, and what do moms and dads really need for a new baby?  Play mats, bumbos, special blankets made to cover the top of a carseat?

I’ve always been a bit of a minimalist, and having three children under the age of five has really brought that out in me!  Personally, my list for a newborn is short:

  1. a good sling, I prefer a Moby Wrap for my newborns

  2. an infant car seat (not a convertable, though most are marketed for newborns they’re not the safest option until baby is much bigger)

Chicco Keyfit 30
  1. swaddling blankets, 3-4, at least 42 inches x 42 inches

  2. lots of clothes (babies can go through several onesies in a day!)

  3. diapers and wipes (I use cloth!)

  4. prefold-style cloth diapers for wiping up spit-up and leaky breasts

  5. breast pads and lanolin nipple cream

  6. a swing or bouncy chair for a quick place to set baby down

  7. gentle shampoo for baby, maybe some good diaper cream if baby gets diaper rash

  8. a baby bathtub with head support.  We tried to go without one and realized within a week it would be impossible for us!

That’s pretty much it.  Since we coslept, a crib wasn’t necessary right away for us, and some parents opt to use a cradle, bassinet, or a Moses basket.

Here’s my list of things that are nice to have, but not absolutely necessary:

  1. a changing pad/changing station.  An convenient spot is in the bathroom where you

Skip Hop Diaper Bag
  1. a cute diaper bag (it doesn’t have to have Winnie the Pooh on it!)

  2. a breast pump/bottles/feeding items if mom needs to pump for whatever reason

  3. a stroller

  4. monitors, so mom and dad can hear baby if their home is rather large

And finally, here’s my list of things that I never really liked but others seem to use a lot:

  1. a diaper pail.  When we use disposable diapers, they go straight to the trash!

  2. nursing bras.  Just didn’t like them (maybe I never had the nice kind?)

  3. a nursing cover.  I liked it for the first month or two when baby was teeny tiny and as I developed the confidence to nurse in public without one.

  4. play yard.  The only time we’ve used a play yard is for older babies to sleep in while we’re traveling.

  5. baby laundry detergent.  We use a free & clear brand.

What’s on your list of must-have newborn items?  What have you tried but disliked?


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