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My two cents: Coronavirus

Hello friends! Right now, I'm confident every pregnant woman is wondering in the back of her mind, "How will this affect my birthing day?" I have kept these people in my thoughts and prayers! While this can be a time of uncertainty, I do hope it is a time to provide clarity as well- a time to really get down to the basics. Yes, it's true: we want a healthy mom and healthy baby. But is that really all that matters? What matters to you, the birthing mother? And how can you set yourself up for the best chance to make that happen right now?

I would suggest keeping abreast of your birthing location's policies, as there sometimes seem to be changes made daily. If policies seem to be something that would hinder your preferences, is there a way to make a change? What is the benefit of a change in birthing location- and what is the risk? Are there any alternative birthing locations to consider? Where will YOU, the birthing mama, feel most comfortable in giving birth during this time? What kind of support do you need (not want- need), and who will provide that support while keeping you and your family minimally exposed to the virus?

I have been pondering my involvement as a servant to families during this unprecedented time in history, and have considered the many angles: risk to me, risk to my family, risk to my clients, and risk to hospital staff. But, I keep going back to the fact that birhting women should be supported... I can't get the notion of "a doula for every woman who wants one" out of my mind. Therefore, at this time, I will continue to accept clients on a case-by-case basis, and would be happy to work out a custom plan for each client. This might include phone support, FaceTime support, physical support at home but not a hospital, home birth or birth center support... Basically, let's talk. I'm willing to negotiate on my pricing as well. Please give me a call or shoot me an email, and let's see what we can come up with.

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