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Nativiti Birth Center Offers Med-Free Births

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Nativiti Birth Center, located between Woodlands Parkway and Rayford/Sawdust Road.  Although it’s located in North Houston, they have Moms come from all over the Houston area to give birth in one of their relaxing “bedrooms.”

Nativiti is owned by certified nurse-midwives, and they offer a range of women’s services including well-woman visits and, of course, prenatal care!  For low-risk women who are seeking an alternative to hospitals but not quite sure about home birth, Nativiti is a great option.

One of the most surprising parts of childbirth for me was the relief that water provided during labor!  I am not a fan of relaxing in a bath, but climbing into a warm jacuzzi tub between contractions definitely provided relaxation that I wasn’t expecting.  Memorial Hermann in The Woodlands offers laboring tubs, but a woman is not allowed to give birth in the tubs.  At Nativiti, water birth is an option.

I encourage any Mom who desires a med-free birth to contact Nativiti for a tour.  No, they’re not giving me any kickbacks for this endorsement, I’m just a happy “customer!”

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