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“Overdue” Babies?

A friend went past her due date with her baby, and people kept commenting on her being “overdue.”  She always reminded them that a due date isn’t really a due date afterall… More like a due month!

Having Baby between 37-42 weeks is acceptable for most care providers.  That’s a difference of five weeks!  And while many women are sure of their conception dates, in the end it’s up to Baby to decide when he’s ready to come.

My friend showed me this poem, a wonderful reminder of how precious these last few days of carrying baby can be!

My baby’s not a library book, so she’s not overdue. My baby don’t take long to cook, coz she’s not veggie stew.

My baby’s not an elephant, and I’m not fit to burst.

The time and date aren’t relevant, we’re blessed with days, not cursed.

My baby can’t read dates as yet, because she’s very new. So there’s no cause to fuss and fret, if she don’t come on cue.

So stop your worry, stop your asking, there’s no hurry we’re relaxing in this golden pregnant time, this pause, which is just hers and mine.

You leave us be, we are just fine.


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