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Short Videos For Birth Prep

Truthfully, how many of you have watched TLC’s “A Baby Story” as birth preparation?  Or tuned into “Deliver Me” the minute you found out you were pregnant, just to see what you had in store?

I did!  Birth stories are everywhere, it’s hard not to hear about extreme cases of preeclampsia, emergency c-sections, scheduled inductions, and “oh-we-thought-it-was-a-girl-but-oops-here’s-your-boy!” Even the nice old lady on the elevator feels the need to share her birth story as she eyeballs your gigantic belly.

So often these stories are negative, providing nothing but distress or fear to a first-time mom.  Pregnancy television shows are meant as entertainment, yet for so many moms, this is the only occasion they take to actually “learn” about pregnancy and delivery.

While searching for resources for my clients, I found a website called Mother’s Advocate that has some great videos for moms preparing for birth.  Click on “videos for a better birth” to view six short videos that all have some great information!

And enjoy the tv shows, but don’t forget that everything on television is for entertainment purposes only!


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