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Staying Cool During The Summer

Summertime in Houston is hot, there’s no doubt!  This summer has been just as hot as any other summer, but with the lack of rain the humidity hasn’t been as high as usual (a nice break!).  However, for a pregnant Mama, any amount of summer heat is brutal.

What are some things you can do to help keep cool this summer?

  1. Stay Hydrated!  It’s no secret that pregnant women need lots of water, and it’s easy to suck on ice throughout the day to stay hydrated and cool.  A double whammy!

  2. Use a wet washcloth or spray bottle.  If you absolutely must be outside for any duration of time throughout the day, bring along a wet washcloth to leave on your neck or a spray bottle with which to occasionally spritz your face.  A nice touch would be to add some citrus to your spray bottle for an invigorating pick-me-up.

Tall Glass of Iced Water
  1. Wear cool clothing.  Avoid tight and clingy materials and stick with natural fibers that are breathable.  My favorites were light dresses that were able to move freely around my belly;  elastic around my waistline was incredibly uncomfortable to me in my last trimester!

  2. Run errands in the morning.  Mornings are, by leaps and bounds, much cooler than evenings.  The earlier you can leave the house the better off you’ll be.  The past several days in Houston, while the daily high has been in the upper 90s/lower 100s, at 7:30 am it’s still in the 70s!  It’s actually very pleasant!

  3. Reduce swelling.  Cut down on salt, use cold compresses, keep your feet elevated when you sit, and once again, stay hydrated!  If you’re having major swelling issues, make sure your healthcare provider has ruled out any medical cause, and then ask if compression hose might work for you.  I have experience wearing compression hose to reduce swelling, and while it’s hot to have another layer of clothing, it’s a relief to not be so swollen and tender!

I’ve had a December baby and a June baby, and while summertime pregnancy can be uncomfortable, I preferred wearing lighter clothing in the summer to piling on multiple layers in the winter!

Do you have any more tips for staying cool in the summer?

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