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The Day I Became DONA-Certified

It’s official! I am Stephanie Neunuebel, CD(DONA)!

I have experienced a whirlwind of emotions over the past two weeks.  Last week I received an email from a member of DONA explaining that she would be reviewing my packet and checking my references, so I called both of my references to let them know they’d be receiving a call from someone else.  One of my references kept me on the line and had some exciting news for me, but I’ll explain more about in another post!

Then, on Monday July 2, I got a call from DONA, and I had a few problems with my packet.  This really shocked me as I am always very diligent about dotting my “i’s” and crossing my “t’s” so to speak, so I had so spend a little time this week correcting some information and clarifying one of my birth essays.  I was very nervous that my corrections wouldn’t be accepted and that I would have to attend another birth to complete my certification.  I was beyond relieved when she called this morning to let me know that she accepted my corrections!  “Congratulations, you’re a DONA-certified doula!”

I posted the news on my Facebook page and joked that I felt the need to write a thank you speech to those around me who helped me to get here!  Seriously though, I’ll just say a few thank you’s, first to my husband for being so supportive and encouraging.  I literally couldn’t do this without him!  Just as I am on-call for a client, he is on-call for me in case he needs to leave work early so that I can labor with a client!

I appreciate all of the moms who let me be their doula, for welcoming me into such an intimate and special time in their lives, and for trusting me when I was such a newbie.  I think I’ve been baptized by fire a few times already, experiencing a few things that I’m not sure more seasoned doulas have experienced, at least not as newbies!  I’ve already had my birth beliefs challenged, been forced to rethink my views on respect, and been faced with a number of situations that have broken me and rebuilt me.  I suspect that this career will continue to shape me for as long as I practice as a doula.

I am truly blessed to have found a job- a calling- that I love and am so passionate about, that I don’t even feel like I am “working.”  I’m excited to see what my future holds, at least for the next year as a DONA-certified doula!


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