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Waiting For My Call From DONA

I’ve officially sent out my certification papers to become DONA certified!  I sent them over a month ago and only recently did I get an email saying that the volunteer staff at DONA were very busy and it might take them awhile (a month or two!) before they get to my packet.  I’m anxious to be officially certified soon, but sending off the packet was beyond a huge relief.  It was quite an ordeal, from start-to-finish, that took a little over a year to complete.  I have been very blessed to have been able to take clients who were willing to work with me despite my lack of experience, but now that I’ve attended 11 births I’m beginning to feel more seasoned!  (I’m sure I’ll laugh at this comment after I’ve worked for several years!)

For now, I hope to continue accepting clients based on the facts that they find me passionate to help them achieve their ideal birth, and that I’m capable to help them actually do so.  I know my certification will mean a lot to some Moms so hopefully that will come through soon and I can put those lovely initials after my name!

My summer schedule is very open so if you are considering a doula, please send me an email!


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