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Welcome Baby A.!

The birth of Baby A. was beautiful and peaceful.  Mom and I have been friends for several years, and when she asked me be her doula at the birth of her 4th child I was thrilled to say yes.  We prepared for her birth by discussing the usual things, but especially by me getting a good understanding of her previous birth experiences.  Sometimes unusual circumstances for each Mom can really affect the way labor and delivery goes, and when I am aware of Mom’s history, it helps me serve her much better!

For this labor, we knew to expect a stall in late labor and she prepared the nurse and OB so that no one would be concerned when this happened.  I was hoping to help Mom avoid the stall but inevitably, it came.  Just knowing what was happening was beneficial for Mom- knowing that her labor was progressing normally for her body seemed to help make it okay for her and Dad.  And sure enough, after some time, position changes, labor exercises, and prayer, Mom said “He’s coming!” and Baby A. made his dramatic appearance after only a few pushes!  We were all unprepared for the quickness of that part, but I always trust that Mom’s bodies know what they are doing!

Mom and Dad were so happy to meet their precious boy!  Congratulations R. family, and welcome earthside sweet Baby A.!


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