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Welcome Baby A.!

The second birth I attended on October 3 was for Miss A., who shocked the world by being a girl!  Her mommy and daddy waited very patiently for 15 days after the “due date” for A. to make her appearance.  They agreed she was well worth the wait!

Mom’s water broke on a Monday afternoon and labor immediately became intense.  By the time I arrived after 5:00 pm, Mom was already hard at work in labor, but she was managing beautifully all on her own.  Dad was soothing her using the double hip squeeze during contractions, and although they didn’t seem to last too long at first I could tell they weren’t easy to handle.  We worked together on opening her throat and moaning through her contractions, which Mom told me later felt good to her at the time.  Dad and I had a feeling things were moving quickly, so we didn’t stay home for much longer.  There was one contraction when I heard Mom start to grunt a little during the contraction and I knew that was it, it was time to go!  Sure enough she told me she felt like pushing!  Thoughts of Dad delivering the baby on the side of the road filled my mind, so we quickly loaded up and left to fight rush hour traffic on our way to the birth center.The trip was long but Mom managed to keep the baby in!  We arrived and got Mom inside, and I was surprised to hear she was only 7 cm dilated, but labor continued to move quickly.  She labored on the toilet for awhile (a great place to finish out those last couple of centimeters!) and then got into the tub for pain relief.  Dad and I continued to provide cold washcloths for Mom as she was very hot, and soon she was ready to push.  After a few minutes of pushing in the tub, baby wasn’t descending out as she should have so the amazing midwife moved mom to her hands and knees.  Baby was holding her cord and caught behind Mom’s pelvic bone, so the midwife had to work a little to help baby out, but soon she was delivered and safe in Mom’s arms!  Baby A. needed a little help to start breathing because of her rough delivery, but the beauty of an intact cord is that a baby continues to receive oxygen through the blood in the cord!  While the midwife used a bag-valve mask on Baby A., Mom continued to talk to and stroke her baby; it was an intense moment but we had no reason to be concerned.  Baby A. was perfect, healthy, and a champion nurser! 

After a whirlwind four-hour labor, Mom was grateful to be on the other side of labor and delivery, and completely in love with her new girl.  Big sister met new little sister, and sighs of relief and glances of thankfulness were shared.  I was grateful to experience another birth at a birth center, I always feel like I learn so much from the midwives and nurse!  I left a little after 9 pm, went home, and passed out!

Today I made my post-partum visit with Mom and Dad and got to hold Baby A.  I think one of my favorite things about newborns is the sweet little baby gurgles, snarfs, sneezes, and lip smacking sounds they make.  I hope to keep in touch with this beautiful little family and watch this girl grow up, I have no doubt she’ll be stunningly beautiful like her sister and Mama!  Congratulations D. family!


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