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Welcome Baby B.!

Friday, March 8 started out like any other day for me, until I got a text from a mama saying her water had broken.  This was not the mama I was expecting to hear from, as I had another client who was overdue!  Her contractions slowly started and when I joined her around lunchtime, they were on and off, not at all what I was expecting to see.  We tried a few Spinning Babies techniques to encourage Baby Girl to move down as Mom was experiencing some back pain, but Mom was soooo tired since she hadn’t been sleeping well for the past few weeks.  I encouraged her to lay down and try to nap between the sporadic contractions.  She was very restless though, and when a contraction came I hardly noticed because she would simply breathe deeply and rub her beautiful round belly.

We remained like this for not too long, and as I massaged her, she suddenly called out, saying she had to push!  I went to the other room and found Dad and let him in on the situation, and he encouraged Mom to climb into the car despite her desire to stay home and birth at home.  More than anything, she didn’t want to birth on the side of the road, so Dad hauled it to the hospital where I met him and wheeled Mom upstairs to triage.  The nurses noticed right away how far along Mom was and immediately called for backup, but Mom birthed her beautiful, pink baby girl right there in triage!

After Mom was taken care of and feeling a little better, she was moved to her room where she was able to rest and recover.  I was still in awe of the whole day, and I was reminded once again that not all labors progress the same!  Another Mom that made childbirth look easy and effortless, I was amazed at how beautiful she labored and impressed that she managed to hold that baby in during the 15-minute car ride to the hospital!  Congratulations R. family!


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