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Welcome Baby C.!

It’s always nice to get a call in the early morning instead of in the middle of the night, and this day was no exception! Mom called to let me know her water broke but her contractions hadn’t started yet, and due to a few circumstances in her pregnancy they wanted to go to the hospital- Memorial Hermann The Woodlands. So we all got ready to go and I met Mom and Dad after they’d been admitted to a room.

Mom felt very lucky that her contractions had begun on their own, as she was determined to have a med-free labor and wanted to avoid augmenting her labor at all costs. She was having a bit of pain at only 3cm, so I pulled out what’s been lovingly dubbed by my clients as my “magic rebozo,” and got to work!

Labor progressed naturally and perfectly but it began to get intense for Mom, and she opted to ask a nurse for her pain relief options. She was examined at 6 cm and she told the nurse she wanted to have an epidural. As they began to prep the room, Mom’s labor started to move very quickly… I noticed the tell-tale signs of a Mom in transition and mentioned it to Dad, who then asked the nurse to check her again. Within minutes, Mom was already 8 cm and slowly starting to feel pushy. She stayed kneeling in her bed, leaning on the propped-up head of the bed as I kept wet washcloths on her head and neck and Dad stayed near whispering sweet words of encouragement to her.

It seemed to take forever for the on-call OB to arrive, but once she did Mom flipped onto her back and began to push. It was hard work, but we could see that Mom felt relief in being able to push and not too long after, Baby C. was born! Mom and Dad were amazed as I grabbed the camera and took some photos of his first few moments. He was perfect!

Mom’s labor was beautiful and she was amazing, but she worked hard! In the end, she had the labor and delivery she wanted, and a precious little boy to show for it! Congratulations C. family, and welcome baby C!


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