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Welcome Baby C.!

On Wednesday, March 14, I got “the call” a few days later than Mom had hoped it would be!  I had a secret hunch that it would be that day since the night before Mom and I had met and we’d worked together on some “Spinning Babies” techniques to try to get her labor moving!  That, or maybe it was the massage, acupressure, or walking…But something triggered her labor and she got things started!  Unfortunately for Mom she was having major back labor (which we later learned it was most likely due to an asynclitic head presentation).  Mom was in lots of pain from very early on but she really pushed through those rough, close contractions!

We went to the hospital and checked in, in triage Mom was assessed at 3-4 cm and was admitted.  It was very difficult for Mom to be stuck in a triage bed while having these painful contractions, and unfortunately the hospital we were at didn’t allow me to be with the parents while they were in triage, so Dad stepped up his game to rub Mom’s back!  Her favorite tool in my bag was my racketball, and we spent many hours with that ball pressed into the small of her back!

Mom was amazing as she insisted to the on-call doctor that she not be forced into a procedure she didn’t want, and stood her ground while maintaining a cool head.  Her labor progressed normally and her birth team- me, Dad, Grandma-to-be, and Aunt-to-be- took turns comforting Mom as she labored through the night.

Mom was relieved to see her OB the next morning instead of the on-call doctor!  As she progressed to 10 cm her surges became more intense, and I was thankful to have such a supportive group of people around her to comfort Mom as she pushed through!  She birthed her bright-eyed baby boy in the early afternoon, a little man eager to see the world!  I was astounded at how alert he seemed to be, with quite the molded head reminding us of his slow entry into our world!

Congratulations, Mama.  You worked HARD for this little one, but he sure was worth every second of it, wasn’t he?  Welcome, Baby C.!


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