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Welcome Baby D.!

Early morning on Tuesday August 6, I started getting some texts from Dad suggesting that Mom was in early labor.  Those early morning texts are always an adrenaline rush for me, and soon they realized it would be time to go to the hospital, and they asked me to meet them there.  Mom was contracting very regularly and frequently very early in her labor, and having been up the night before also I was concerned about her tiredness and waning strength.  But she was excited to be there- it was finally time to meet her baby girl!

After some time in triage, they admitted her to a room where I found Mom breathing through her contractions and ready to get to work.  After several hours though, no progress in dilation had been made, and her OB suggested she start some Pitocin.  Mom agreed and requested a light epidural so she could get some rest.  I helped Mom stay comfortable and put her in positions to help her dilation while she was in bed, trying to banish thoughts in my head of my own first labor.  Mom was able to rest and sleep for a little while, which was just the thing she needed to push out her beautiful PINK baby girl!  It was beautiful to witness Mom and Dad (and Grandma too!) meet their new little girl- I could tell their hearts were full of joy and love!

I was so proud of Mom and Dad for making the right decisions for themselves!  Congratulations Mom and Dad and Big Sister T. on the birth of Baby D.!


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