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Welcome Baby D.!

Well this birth story is a little overdue, but it’s one that I wanted to share anyways because of the awesomeness of it!  Mama had been experiencing prodromal labor over a long weekend, but Baby decided he was finally ready to make his debut on Tuesday, April 30.  I met Mom and Dad at St. Joseph’s hospital in downtown Houston, and Mom was admitted and we settled into her room.  One of the first things Dad did upon arriving was set up their laptop, so that Mom could continue to listen to her Hypnobabies CDs.  Mom was preparing for her second VBAC, and had used Hypnobabies as a tool for relaxation during her previous VBAC, and I could sense how she really let the hypnosis come over her and work through her.  It was beautiful to watch her, though at times I felt like I was interrupting her sacred space!

Mom continued to dilate but Baby stayed high, so we performed a few exercises to encourage him to move down.  After a while, the OB wanted to place an internal fetal monitor, and my client consented, and after breaking her water to do so it allowed Baby to come down even more.  Not long after, Mom was ready to push.  Even as the room became filled with nurses, pediatric nurses, and other staff members (the room seemed very full to me), Mom kept her space and her peace, quietly moaning through her contractions and hardly making a move.  I could tell this was a sight not many staff members had seen; most seemed in awe of mom after realizing she had received no anesthetic during her labor.

Not too long after, Baby D. joined us and was placed on Mommy to be admired by her and Dad.  It was a special and beautiful moment and it was very neat for me to see Mom sort of snap out of her hypnosis at that point to meet her baby boy!

This was my first Hypnobabies birth to attend, and though I’d read and heard about it I was very impressed with how well the hypnoanesthesia seemed to work for Mom.  It was a joy and pleasure to work for them, though I have to admit I will need to work on the special terminology for my next Hypnobabies birth!  Congratulations G. family, and welcome Baby D.!


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