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Welcome Baby H.!

Early this morning, a little after 3 am, our world welcomed a new baby!  Mom and Dad had been laboring for a good part of the day and asked me to join them around 5:30 pm on the evening of December 28th.  I walked in to find Mom smiling at me!  I noticed pretty quickly that mom was in very early labor, but her contraction pattern was beautiful and regular.  Mom developed a rhythm to her contractions very early on; steady breathing and a nod of her head during each breath helped her stay completely on top of every single contraction throughout her entire labor!We left for the hospital about 9:45 pm, and finally at about 11:15 we were getting settled in the delivery room at the hospital.  Around 11:45 we were able to start walking around the halls of the hospital…But we were interrupted by some members of the nursing staff who are apparently not used to moms moaning during labor!  I could see Mom was very uncomfortable with the attention so we went back to her room and spent the rest of her labor there.  Mom continued to labor beautifully, and as her work became more intense I could see her move deeper into her “cave.”

Around 2:15 am things began to get intense.  It was clear Mom was in transition by the timing and intensity of contractions, but baby’s heart rate was dropping significantly.  The room swarmed with nurses and they called her OB, we flipped Mom into the knee-chest position, and they inserted an internal fetal monitor.  Baby’s heart rate stabilized for a few minutes but when the heart rate began to drop again they whisked Mom away for a cesarean section.

At 3:20 am, Dad introduced Baby H. to his grandparents while Mom finished up in surgery.  A healthy and beautiful guy, Baby H. had his cord wrapped around his neck and it appeared his placenta had already started to detach from Mom’s uterus.  Mom had the privilege of almost completing the first stage of labor completely unmedicated!  She wanted this so much. They had read books, taken a class, prayed, made checklists, done research, and I’m sure done so many more preparations than I’m unaware of!  In the end, she and her baby boy were healthy, and together!

Welcome to our world, Baby H.!

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