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Welcome Baby J.!

The birth I attended on Sunday, July 1 was a one-of-a-kind birth!  Mom, Dad, and I agreed ahead of time that her birth would most likely go quickly, but we had no idea what was coming!

They called in the morning to let me know she had been having off-and-on contractions, but later they stalled out.  Mom was starting labor at 4 cm and nearly fully effaced, so we were wondering what sort of effect these off-and-on contractions were having on her progress.  Later that day she called to let me know they’d be heading to the hospital soon, since they lived so far away she felt comfortable going to the hospital sooner rather than later.

When we met up at the outside entrance, I was amazed at how calm and cool Mom was.  Her contractions were perfectly spaced and she was handling them like they were nothing!  Super woman!  We decided to walk around the hospital a little bit; we were at a hospital with a very nice little lake and were blessed with the coolest, most awesome evening in all of history (considering it’s July in Houston!).  Mom, Dad, and I walked slowly for two laps before Mom was ready to go inside and enjoy the bug-free lobby!

We weren’t inside for very long before Mother’s intuition kicked in and she pronounced she was ready to go upstairs and check into labor and delivery.  She was still talking between contractions, maintaining a light mood, but I could tell she was very ready to be done.  When I left her (I can’t follow clients into triage), she looked like she was starting to work a little harder, like her contractions were taking her to a deeper place within herself.

I wasn’t there, but she described triage as when transition hit.  They assessed her at 6 cm but later she said that was it, she knew it would happen fast.  They kept her in triage not for too long, opting to get her into a room sooner than later since she was acting further along, and by the time I was able to meet them in the hallway I could tell Mom was going fast.  Mom wanted ice chips so as she got into her room I sprinted out, down the hall to fill up her cup, and when I stepped out into the hallway I heard some frantic nurses chaotically telling each other, “Her water just broke, they’re going to need some help!” and I knew they were talking about my client!  I ran back to the room and made it just in time to see Mom hunched over a nurse, and they were trying to convince her to lay down.  Mom gets into the bed and they tried to check her dilation…but baby was crowning!  I lay a cool washcloth on Mom’s head, I look down, and Baby J. is laying on the bed, supported by the hand of one nurse.  Everyone in the room- multiple nurses, a NICU nurse, Dad, me, and especially Mom- we were all shocked!

The OB didn’t arrive until about 20-30 minutes later, and he had to take care of Mom a little bit.  Mom and I focused on each other during her repair and as she tried to come to terms with everything that had just happened.

Baby J with Mommy and Daddy. Photo by Staci Gwinn Photography.

Baby J. was apparently in a rush to meet our world, ready to nurse, and meet his big sister!

This birth left me flooded with emotions as I watched everything that Mom and Dad went through.  I think they experienced a full spectrum of emotions and I felt a strong desire to make sure they were able to process everything that had happened.  Mom was so calm and collected during her labor and even during delivery-at least she looked that way!  She did a magnificent job of surrendering to her body’s instincts and not fighting herself. I could see Dad was shocked but I loved his look of pure awe and amazement as he looked at his baby- then again at his wife- and realized what had just happened!

I think this rates as one of the most dramatic births I’ve attended!  Congratulations T. family!


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