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Welcome Baby J.!

Very early last Friday morning, around 2 am, I got the call!  And a call at 2 am only means one thing at my house!

My client called to let me know she was contracting regularly, but said she’d give it a little more time before she wanted me to come over.  I always ask my clients to call me when they go into labor, even if it’s in the middle of the night, but I just couldn’t go back to sleep!  Not too much longer after that she called to say her water had broken, and that they were going to the hospital.  She was attempting her first vaginal birth after having one cesarean and they wanted to be very cautious.  I told them I’d meet them there.

Mom and Dad were in triage for quite some time, but Dad came out to let me know Mom was already 5 cm!  When we met in her labor and delivery room, I was amazed at how beautiful and calm Mom was.  She didn’t want to sit at all, it was much easier to handle her contractions while standing, so she paced her room while hooked up to the monitors.  This was another one of those births where I almost felt useless because she and Dad had such a beautiful rhythm together.  He spoke soft gentle words of encouragement to her while she contracted, and they maintained some sort of physical contact for the duration of her labor.  We all prayed quietly as Mom labored, and she continued to progress naturally.

The doctor on call wanted to check her progress and declared her nearly complete, but Mom wasn’t ready to push yet.  She labored on the bed for awhile, leaning over the back of the upright bed.  I was amazed at her ability to naturally follow her body’s cues, staying off her back and listening to her body speak.  The nurse was also very supportive, standing there and holding the monitors on Mom so that she could labor in the position of her choice instead of telling her to flip over for the sake of convenience.

Finally Mom was starting to feel the urge to push so she turned over and gave a couple of small pushes.  I kid you not when I say that we could see Baby’s head on the second push!  They didn’t have time to break the bed down, instead the on-call doctor came in pretty much just in time to catch the baby and place him on his Mother’s tummy!

I experienced next what I might consider the best hospital post-partum care I’ve seen in my 8 hospital births.  Doctor and Nurse let Mom and Dad just sit there with Baby on her tummy, no one rushed to cut the cord or take baby’s vitals.  Just skin-to-skin, sweet words, and quiet tears of joy.  It was a beautiful experience for me to be a part of, and I was so happy to see an OB who was so respectful of that moment!  After they cut Baby’s cord, he stayed with Mom even longer, and they only took him to check his weight and length for a couple of minutes (right there in the room) before returning him to Mom.  They continued skin-to-skin contact and named him before starting their breastfeeding journey.

Another birth, another empowered Mother!  I heard her say, “I had my perfect Vbac,” as she smiled at her perfect little boy and I felt so happy for her!  Mom gave me a beautiful gift before I left- a blue rebozo!  I had been wanting one for several months since the one I had been using was too short.  Thank you so much, Beautiful Mama!  Welcome Baby J.!


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