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Welcome Baby J!

Yesterday I was honored to attend the birth of little J.  Wow.  Just… wow.

Mom and I had been online friends for several years and when she asked me to be her doula, I was honored.   Although we had never met in person, we’d known each other online for years!

She began her work in the wee morning hours and I got the call from Dad at 6:00 am.  Since I had a bit of a drive ahead of me, I packed up and headed out to their home, where I found Mom doing a simply amazing job.  So calm and relaxed, breathing through her contractions just beautifully, but feeling very nauseous.  It was because of the nausea (and ensuing sickness) that they decided to head to the hospital after not too long at home.

The C. Family, My first birth to attend

I was constantly amazed at Mom and Dad, making difficult decisions, taking charge, and truly “owning” their birth experience.  After J. was born, their first child, I knew that they were perfectly content with the way the day had progressed, and I realized that is why I was there.  I knew it before, but it was then that I really knew it.  This day was theirs, a day that is now forever ingrained in the memories, and they were joy-filled and astounded.  I was just lucky enough to be asked to be there through all of it, offer my support, and to witness life.  New, precious, amazing life.

I feel fairly confident that this day will forever be ingrained in my memory as well!

Congratulations C. family!


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