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Welcome Baby K.!

Thursday evening I received a text from a client, one week shy of her due date, saying her water had broken and that I should meet her and her husband at the hospital!  We met before she entered triage, and as usual I waited in the waiting room while Mom was checked out.  Mom was 4 cm, but labor was progressing quickly and intensely!  We knew that Mom had a short labor last time, and it was possible for it to happen that way again!

Once we were settled into her room, Mom continued her work as Dad and I figured out how to best support her during her intensifying contractions.  I was in awe of how quickly  Mom settled into her rhythm during her contractions, and I loved how she and Dad were continuing to laugh and crack jokes almost the whole time!

Not once did Mom mention she couldn’t do it, and as she began to push she amazed us all as she delivered her beautiful little girl.  Mom said it was hard, but was feeling really good, and she and Dad talked sweetly to their littlest girl as her cord continued to pulse for a few more minutes!

I loved how light the room felt during labor!  The staff knew she wanted a med-free birth and our amazing nurse did her best to support my client in every possible way so that she could achieve her birth ideals.  Mom and Dad kept the atmosphere light, and even between contractions it seemed they were having a good time.  I was so happy to be a part of that!

An exciting thing happened for me, personally, this night.  As my client checked in her nurse recognized me from two weeks prior, and she even remembered my name!  Later in the evening, two other nurses recognized me as well, and even though they didn’t remember my name I was still very excited!  Most of the deliveries I’ve attended have been at Memorial Hermann in The Woodlands, and I’ve been very blessed to work alongside some very sweet nursing staff!

Baby K. nursed well once she practiced latching a few times, and I left the hospital around 3:10 am.  It was a freezing cold night- literally!- and  was glad to get home and get under my covers!  It’s always a funny feeling for me, leaving the hospital in the middle of the night.  Part of me wishes I could stay and chat with Mom and Dad about everything that just happened, about their plans and wishes and dreams, and stick around to help with nursing if the need arises.  But the other part of me knows I have to get home and get some sleep so that I can tend to my own little ones the next morning!  I truly love being a doula, and am so very blessed to have a supportive husband who let me sleep in a little the next morning. 🙂

Congratulations H. family on your sweet new girl!


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