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Welcome Baby M.!

Baby Girl M. was born at Nativiti Birth Center after a non-interventive labor, and it was a lovely labor and birth as Mama was able to relax, laugh, and follow her body’s natural lead on how to birth her baby!

Mama called to let me know they were on their way to the birth center after she felt her contractions were getting more intense.  I beat them there- they stopped by Sonic for some drinks first- and as I saw Mama get out of the car I knew we still had awhile to go before Baby M. would be ready to come!  But her contractions were intense, they just weren’t lasting very long yet.  As we all got settled in, the midwife and I both suspected Baby M. wasn’t lined up quite right, and an internal check confirmed our hunch.

The birth team (Dad, Mom’s sweet sister, and me) got to work on helping Mama reposition the baby.  Mama remained so calm and in such a good mood the whole time- it was such a pleasure to work with this peaceful family!  I taught Dad and Sister some ways to help relieve Mama’s hip pain (I was greatly complimented when Mom said I had “magic hands” later at our postpartum visit!), we took turns belly sifting with my rebozo, but for the most part Mama just listened to her body.  There were a few times she needed to lay down and rest for awhile before starting her work again, but when she was up and working during her contractions she had such fluid, beautiful movement and total trust in us to care for her while she devoted her entire body to her contraction.

Mama’s sister provided amazing beautiful words of encouragement and Dad always knew just the right thing to say to make Mom giggle or feel confident in herself.  They worked so well together- I wish everyone could have a support team like this!

After a few hours of intense, long-lasting contractions, Mom suddenly started  to “sound different” and wanted to push.  She impressed us all with her control during pushing, and she birthed sweet Baby M. slowly and gently, without any damage to Mom’s body!  Her birth was peaceful and she was welcomed into our world with tears all the way around, perfectly pink and ready to look at and meet her Mama.

I love walking away from each birth, reflecting on the day (or in this case, the night!) and thinking about the beauty of birth.  In this case, I attended a birth in the same exact room that my son was born in, exactly 5 years before, and while I focused on Mom during her labor, it was fun to think that exactly 5 years prior it was me in that room, becoming a second-time mom!  This birth also happened to be my last one before I started on my own “maternity leave,” and while I feel like I was able to work hard physically and give my all to this family, it was bittersweet knowing that it was my last birth for at least half a year or so- but I’ll write more on that later!  I was so impressed with Mom’s birth team and so happy that she had such an empowering and amazing birth experience!  Congratulations S. family, and Welcome Baby M.!


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