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Welcome Baby M.!

The day before Easter is, in my extended family, crawfish boil day!  We celebrate being together and this year we were also celebrating my mother’s birthday!  Although I knew I had a client due in a few days, I had one thing on my mind that day: crawfish!

I was surprised and nervous to hear that my client and her husband were headed to the labor and delivery because her blood pressure was elevated.  I cleaned up and left the party a little early to get ready for Baby M. to make his way to the other side that night!

Sometimes plans change and sometimes God has a different idea of how our births should go, and this night was one of those nights.  Mom was continuing to get very sick, and the doctor on-call made the suggestion that they deliver Baby M. as soon as possible via a cesarean section.  Mom was blessed to be surrounded by family and friends, to support her during this time, and we were all able to pray together before she was prepped for her surgery.  Not long after that, Baby M. made his way into the world, and Dad was able to share some precious moments, including sweet skin-to-skin time, while Mom recovered.  I was so blessed to be there to witness those first moment of father and son, snapping a million and one photographs to be re-lived later when the time was right.

Mom was strong.  She was beautiful.  She was a mother!  She chose to make a sacrifice for her new baby boy, her son!  Baby boy was safe with Daddy while she took the time she needed to let her body heal.  It was what the family needed- a strong woman to be the mother of Baby M.

Congratulations B. family, on the birth of your first son!

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