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Welcome Baby M.!

Early in the morning on the fourth of May, a precious new red-headed girl was born to her strong, amazing mother!

One of my favorite things about being a doula is watching a first-time mother learn how to follow her God-given instinct.  This first-time Mom seemed a little nervous about what to expect with her birth, but as her labor progressed and she became more and more comfortable with the mother within, she let go and followed what her body was telling her to do.  But, she was very polite while doing so!Mom’s work started near midnight on the May 3.  It was very slow initially but enough to keep her awake.  She called me around 3:30 am to let me know what was going on and she told me she’d give me a call in the morning.  Her first stage of labor continued on for many hours, unfortunately Mom wasn’t able to get much rest, but finally around 7:00 that evening she was ready for me to come be with her.  I had a hunch baby might have been malpositioned by certain characteristics of her labor, so as soon as I got to Mom we started working together on flipping baby girl into an anterior position.  Something changed around 9:30 pm because I could tell her body was starting to move into the second stage of labor.

The midwife was ready for Mom to head to the birth center to receive a dose of antibiotics, so we left and Mom was admitted around 10:30 pm at 3-4 cm. From then her labor progressed steadily and beautifully, Dad did a fantastic job of coaching Mom through her contractions.  I loved watching them as she worked, as he reminded her to breath and told her what a fantastic job she was doing!  Mom responded very well to his physical presence and his words of affirmation.

As her work continued she made steady progress through the night and continued to turn inward and draw strength from deep down.  She pushed for nearly two hours, changing positions and slowly letting her body stretch.  It was hard work but it was also beautiful as Mom’s body did exactly what it needed to do! Just before 6:00 am Baby M. made her appearance, a gorgeous red head just like her mother!

Baby M. was an amazingly strong little girl, so very alert with a nearly-perfect breastfeeding latch from the start!

One of my favorite parts of this birth was watching Dad admire Mom throughout the whole night and morning.  He saw what she needed and stepped up to help her, and when Baby M. was born he had the most amazed look on his face, completely in awe of this new little girl!

Personally, I loved using my new rebozo during this labor!  We used it several times in different ways, including wrapping it around the bed post so that Mom could use it while pushing.  I hope to attend a workshop or learn from a pro soon on more ways to use this unique tool!

Congratulations Mom and Dad on the birth of your precious new little girl!


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