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Welcome Baby M.!

On Saturday, January 14th I attended my 8th birth!  A dark-haired beauty, a precious little girl, born med-free thanks to her amazing mother!

Mom’s labor started slowly during the day- she was actually at a concert when she realized her labor was really getting going!  They let me know to meet them at the hospital!  Mom was checked by the triage nurse but they weren’t ready to admit her yet, so we cruised the hallways for an hour to try to make some progress.  It worked!  She was admitted and she continued her labor in her room.

One thing that amazed me with this Mom was how beautiful her body handled labor.  Yes, it was hard work but her body let her have a long peaceful rest in between her hardest contractions.  I had the honor of praying with her and her husband during some of her most intense contractions and I was amazed at the breaks her body was giving her!  Even during pushing, her rests between pushes were longer than I’d seen in any other Mom, and it seemed it was just enough to give Mom the energy she needed to push her baby girl into this world!

Mom and baby girl enjoyed several minutes of skin-to-skin while the cord finished pulsing before it was clamped.  I could tell that for Mom, those were several minutes of sheer bliss- holding and admiring her new daughter, feeling the skin of the one she’d carried on the inside for 9 months, and hearing the first sound of her daughter’s voice as she let our her first wail on her Mommy’s tummy.  Bliss.

And wouldn’t you know this girl was a hungry girl!  She took to her mother’s breast almost immediately and didn’t let go!

It was a peaceful, beautiful birth and I was so thankful to be a part of it!  Welcome Baby M.!


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