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Welcome Baby N.!

On Sunday, February 10, I got a text from another client saying her contractions had started and were slowly building in intensity throughout the day.  That evening as she tried to settle down and sleep for the night, Baby decided he wanted to keep Mama awake and really start moving labor along!  Mom and Dad left for the hospital and I met them there, and Mom was assessed at 5cm.  Once we got settled into her room, we were able to get to work.  Mom opted to stand next to her bed since she was asked to wear the fetal monitor, and so we tried a few positions but ultimately Mom preferred standing and swaying her hips.

After an hour or so, Mom wanted a quick bathroom break and sure enough, her water broke!  Within minutes, the nurse checked her dilation and said she was fully dilated; Mom seemed so surprised because it had moved so quickly!  I would guess she went from 8-10 cm within a few minutes; the whole typical phase of transition really didn’t even happen for this Mama!  Once she was in bed they wouldn’t let her get out, so we waited for the OB to arrive and a few pushes after that, Baby Boy was here!  Mom really wanted that precious skin-to-skin time, so after a few minutes of letting the cord continue to pulsate, Dad cut the cord and Mom got to snuggle her new little man!

Another quick, atypical birth!  Mom was stoic and totally in control the whole time, not once did she lose control or tell me she couldn’t do it.  And Dad totally surprised me!  He was an awesome support for Mom and was very active in asking questions and making sure everything was going according to Mom’s birth preferences.  They had a beautiful birth experience and I was very blessed to have witnessed yet another little baby enter this world!  Congratulations V. family!


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