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Welcome Baby N.!

My third birth to attend was special for me; this was the first birth at which I didn’t know Mom and Dad before they hired me.  Mom was expecting her third child, and wanted to have a med-free birth this time so they decided to hire me!  I am so happy they did, her birth was such a contrast to my previous births and was a wonderful experience from start to finish.

Mom’s water broke at home around 10 pm but her contractions hadn’t really begun yet.  She called me and we all met up at the hospital around 10:45 pm, and after about an hour of checking in, answering questions, getting settled in to her room, we finally were able to get down to business at about midnight.  Mom was in great spirits, talking and laughing as we walked the labor ward.  (Oddly, I discovered a friend was in labor in a nearby room!  Small world!)At 1:15 am Mom decided she wanted to lay down for a bit to rest since things weren’t moving too quickly.  Dad settled into a chair close to Mom’s face and I sat at her back to provide counter pressure to her back during her contractions.  Mom wasn’t able to sleep but she was able to rest, this was very good for her considering how much energy she was going to need shortly!

Around 3:15 things began to pick up.  Mom did a beautiful job moaning through her contractions, Dad provided the emotional support she needed when her work became very intense.  Mom stayed in a good mood through most of her labor, it was beautiful to see her talking to Dad and staying in such high spirits even though her body was working so hard!

At 4:00 am Mom was checked and was at 6 cm, but she was well on her way to being fully complete within only about 30 minutes from that point!  Labor quickly became very intense and things moved very quickly from this point on.  Baby N. was born into this world at 5:08 am after what seemed like only a few minutes of pushing!  Surprise, a boy!

Newborn pic of Baby N.

I felt so special to be able to cuddle sweet N. for a few minutes before I had to leave!  Congratulations H. family on your newest blessing!


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