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Welcome Baby P.!

I’m a little behind on sharing the birth story of Baby P.!  She was born on the morning of Friday, August 31, giving her Mommy just barely enough time to make it to the birth center!

When I got the call to join Mom, Dad, and Big Brother at their home, I left quickly anticipating a short drive- but forgetting about many busy school zones!  I arrived at their home and realized that we should soon leave for the birth center, as Mom was already feeling pushy.  This baby girl had given her Mom several weeks of on-and-off contractions, and we all had a feeling that once labor started, she’d make her appearance quickly!  Mom was doing a great job of staying calm and peaceful as she reminded herself to breath.

Mom’s water broke during the car ride, and Mom said she thought Baby P. was crowning as we got her down the hallway!  She made it to the bed, hopped on, and Baby P. was born only a few minutes later to a very relieved and joy-filled Mommy!  Big Brother was in awe and declared his sister was “so cute!”

I am always amazed by the strength of the Mothers who invite me to attend their births, and this birth was no different.  This experienced Mama was strong, beautiful, prepared, and oh-so-ready to meet her little girl!

Welcome Baby P., and congratulations to Mom, Dad, and Very Proud Big Brother!


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