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Welcome Baby T.!

Right after midnight on September 24, early Monday morning, I received a text from a client telling me she was feeling a little off and wondering if it might be labor. About 2 hours later I got another text saying she was in the hospital, already 4 cm and fully effaced! Talk about an adrenaline rush in the middle of the night- I hopped out of bed and left home as quickly as I could, since I had to drive down to Memorial Hermann in the Medical Center, I was concerned about how long it would take for me to get there. Luckily there’s not much traffic at 3 am on a Monday morning!

I arrived to find Mom laboring peacefully along with Dad and Dad’s mom. Not soon after I arrived, Mom’s water broke naturally, and things started moving. She was able to labor naturally and beautifully, a strong and educated woman ready to take on labor without entirely knowing what to expect. At one point Mom was feeling very discouraged about how quickly her contractions were coming, and I offered her a cold, damp towel to wipe her face and neck. I wish I could explain to you how beautiful this moment was. She melted in Dad’s arms as I wiped her face and neck. She had a brief break from her serious contractions, and just had this look on her face of pure comfort and calmness. Apparently this break, which seemed like forever but probably lasted only a minute at most, gave her a second wind, and she was completely renewed. I was amazed at her strength!

Only about an hour after I arrived, Mom started sounding “pushy” while holding onto Dad, and the nurse insisted on checking her. FULLY DILATED. I am not even kidding- 4 to 10 cm in an hour! This Mom gave it everything she had, totally letting her body take over, following her natural rhythms, and staying in her “zone.”

As Mom slowly guided Baby T. out through her pushes, she had some beautiful breaks between contractions which allowed her to close her eyes and rest to keep up her strength. Dad constantly offered her ice chips, supported her with positive words, and kept her cool with the wet cloth. Baby T. joined us after about an hour of gentle pushing, and was welcomed by Mom and Dad as they cooed over how beautiful he was. It was a truly beautiful birth!

I am a pretty emotional person, and generally I tear up at the births I attend. It’s always so amazing and I always feel so honored to be invited by Mom and Dad to witness the moment of their child’s birth! But this birth was a little different, for some reason I was really emotional and teared up a little more than usual!

Congratulations B. and J., and welcome Baby T.!


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