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What I Learned From the Rebozo Workshop

Last Friday I attended a workshop in Cypress by doula and birth advocate Gena Kirby, about the many uses of rebozos during pregnancy, labor, and delivery.  She was beautiful and knowledgeable, and I wish I could have picked her brain for hours!  The workshop lasted all day, and time flew!  I could have used a weekend-long retreat on the many uses of the rebozo!

The first time I heard about rebozos was during my DONA training, and I thought they were awesome but I didn’t see myself using these traditional Mexican shawls for much of anything.  They seemed intimidating!  As I got into my work as a doula, I realized how beneficial they can be during early labor so I began using one with my clients, but only in a couple of ways.  Then after the Spinning Babies workshop earlier this year I learned even more about the rebozo, and soon afterward a wonderful client gifted me a beautiful blue rebozo to use with future clients.  Now that I had a real one, it was time to learn even more!

One day at the library with my children, we happened upon the book What Can You Do With A Rebozo?  My children immediately recognized it and we checked out the book and played with my rebozo for the rest of the week!  Unfortunately the book doesn’t list any uses for labor and delivery, but there sure are a lot of other ways for kids to play with Mommy’s rebozo!

When I heard this workshop was coming to town I was ready to sign up immediately!  I learned ways to incorporate the rebozo during prenatal visits to gently break the touch barrier with clients and develop trust.  There are also many different uses for early labor, to relax mom and encourage baby, and even several ways to use it during the pushing stage!  These are all methods I’d seen done before- mostly on DVDs or youtube videos!- but actually having the opportunity to be taught and then to practice was invaluable.

I am looking forward to being able to use these new “tools” in my doula bag soon!  If you’re in need of a doula in the North Houston area, please email me and we can set up a consultation!

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